Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food Every Day

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food Every Day

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food Every Day

Fast food is great on any day where you’re feeling down or tired! Instead of needing to worry about what and how you’re going to cook that evening you can just pop into a drive through, grab some food and drive on home. Nowadays you can even order online and have food sent directly to your house! While this may be really nice, it does come with some negative side effects. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t eat fast food often, especially not every day!

Money Issues

Whether you’re loaded with money or just reasonably well off, fast food does take its toll. The average fast food meal for a single person will cost you $10 a go! This will vary depending on what country you live in, but if you pay attention to the average wage and cost of living, it comes to about the same value. This may not seem like much at first, so think of it like this. If you honestly do order fast food on a daily basis then you’re spending approximately $3650 on fast food each year! Seems like a lot now doesn’t it? Plus, that’s just for one person! That’s just for you! If you have a family or even just a partner to feed as well, imagine how much money you’d be wasting!

Health Issues

Then comes the more obvious problem; your health. Fast food is nice and easy, but it is far from healthy. Even the fast foods that appear to be healthy with vegetables and all are still not! The reason they are fast food restaurants is because the food produced in these places is heavily processed. The processes the food goes through allows it to be made quickly and ready to be eaten almost instantly; imagine what form of process or chemicals must have been used to make that happen! Studies have been done that show people who eat at fast food restaurants on a daily basis often have either unhealthy bodies and lowered immune systems. The most common theory is that whatever chemicals are put into these fast foods have a detrimental effect on your body over time. They seem harmless enough in small amounts, but if ingested often enough, a multitude of problems crop up!


If you are truly in a position where you need to have fast food every day because you don’t have energy or ability to cook for yourself, then that is a huge problem all on its own. If your problem is energy, you need to try and cut back on your efforts and relax a bit more. Leading a life where you can’t even consider cooking a meal because you’re so tired every single day is very bad for your wellbeing. But if it is because you don’t know how to cook, it’s never too late to start! At the very least, instead of ordering fast food every day, you can pop into a super market and grab some premade foods that are better for your health!

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