Losing Weight Options and Keeping Fit

Losing Weight Options and Keeping Fit


Many people would like to start a healthy shift and finally lose the extra weight they have accumulated for months, if not years. But it’s not always easy to get started. For this reason, the process often stops even before starting, for want of knowing how to go about it. Here is a small guide to the different options available to you.


For a significant weight loss

When overweight is important and present for many years, it is very difficult to initiate the necessary changes alone, because almost all lifestyle habits must be changed. In addition, it is also common that several discomforts or diseases related to overweight are present (muscle and joint pain, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.) In this case, it is recommended not to make radical changes without consulting of professional in advance:


Consult your doctor and inform him of your decision … He will surely be very happy for you and will only ask you to encourage you in your approach.

Consider several consultations with a nutritionist to be helped and directed regularly, and relearn to feed you.


Put yourself in the sport: at first, it will be difficult, but do not be discouraged. Start with 5 minutes of walking a day, then 10, then 15 … In a few weeks, your endurance will increase and you will get a taste of the picking a personal trainer. You could also, if you have the opportunity, consider hiring a private trainer to help you move with your personal restrictions (pain, limitations, etc.)


Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you in your approach without judging you. Its very important. It can be a friend, a loved one, a spouse, etc. Avoid the company of negative people and those who believe that your transformation is impossible! You might also consider joining a support group.


In case of overweight really really important, you could also consider bariatric surgery . Talk to your health care provider to determine if this option is right for you.

In some cases, it is very beneficial to consult a psychotherapist who can help you understand why your relationship with food is unhealthy and help you deal with this problem with more or less prolonged therapy.


For mild to moderate weight loss

Many people feel bad about themselves and would like to lose a few pounds over the years, after a pregnancy or a more sedentary life, for example. Yet, as they do not fall into the category of overweight or obese people, they sometimes feel that they can not express their physical discomfort.


A young mother who has only a dozen extra pounds, for example, will often be reprimanded by her entourage if she expresses her discomfort with phrases such as: “No, you are very good!” Or “You have for the good cause! “Of course, we must not be caught up in the diktats of fashion and leanness at all costs, but it is also important to define the weight and body appearance that make us feel comfortable both physically and psychologically! For those people who have little weight to lose, the steps are as follows:


Note for a week all you eat, without exception (count also snacks, fruits), as well as the frequency of meals.

Analyze (only if you are able, or with the help of a nutritionist) this report: too much sugar, soft drinks, fat? Not enough fruits and vegetables or protein? Then, adapt your diet to improve it: lean protein, fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity, whole grains, plenty of water and other unsweetened drinks (herbal teas), etc.


HINT: The majority of fitness centers offer a free consultation with a nutritionist during a new registration. It can help you determine a diet plan that suits your needs.

Gradually increase your physical activity. With 10 minutes of walking at a good pace a day, this can already make a difference in the medium term.


Never tell yourself that you are “on the diet”, but rather in a period of physical and dietary rehabilitation. A slight overweight can easily be lost in a few weeks or months if you want to change your bad habits.


Force yourself to move regularly, but without going too hard! It is better to say “I go to the gym once a week”, then gradually increase the frequency of your training rather than decide to go every day and give up after two weeks.


Set medium and long-term goals: there are plenty of websites and books that extol the merits of this or that miracle diet that would lose 12 pounds in two weeks … But even when it’s true, the loss of weight is followed by an even bigger recovery in the following weeks! The important thing is not to go fast, but to do things gradually so that the changes are sustainable over time.


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