Personal Trainers for New Year weight loss

Personal Trainers for New Year weight loss

That’s it: you’re firmly committed to losing weight … but are you worried about losing motivation? Your many past attempts have resulted in so many failures and the idea of going to the training center is putting you off … Be confident, you can push your limits and effectively focus your efforts to lose weight.


Step by step, I will be by your side to help you reach your healthy weight … and maintain it!


A personal trainer: for results that weigh in the balance…

It is well demonstrated that a best personal trainers are able to target your abilities, to lead you to optimize each of your training, to support you to be diligent in your game plan leading to your goal: a significant and above all sustainable weight loss.


To help you achieve your healthy weight, we offer you a complete and concrete action plan:


Fitness Assessment (to better match exercises to your physical condition)

Effective and personalized exercise programs

Weekly follow up

Maintaining motivation by telephone, text message or email

Food monitoring (food plan, nutrition advice, and healthy lifestyle)

There is evidence that a best personal trainers with follow-up often gives better results: as it is done more assiduously, this steady pace contributes to faster results and therefore to a better weight reduction!


Fitness Assessment

Body composition (weight, height, BMI, skin folds and percent fat)

Aerobic fitness (heart rate and resting and exercise blood pressure)

Treadmill test to determine maximum oxygen volume (V02 max)

Musculoskeletal fitness (endurance and muscular power, strength, posture, and balance)



Assess risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


Effective and personalized exercise programs

As a kinesiologist specializing in personal training, my role will be to guide your efforts and build you a personalized training program according to your physical condition, your needs, your goals and your preferences.


While many commercial programs are designed in a common way without taking into account your specific needs, I will develop for you an adapted training program that will include effective exercises to lose weight.

Coaching and a good dose of motivation will be invincible allies to ensure you reach your healthy weight. So I will be with you not only in training follow-up but also by phone or text contact to guide you and help you persevere when the motivation starts to decline because the attendance is a guarantee of success.


Dietary follow-up and advice for healthy lifestyle habits

No more yo-yo effect! Adopting a new healthy lifestyle and maintaining fitness is within your reach. I will be able to provide you with sound nutrition advice to help you lose weight and keep it off. You will benefit from renewed energy to get the most out of your workouts!


As a health specialist and naturopath, I can advise you in adopting new habits for a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your fitness.

The services of a kinesiologist: more affordable than you think!

Insurance receipts

As a member of the Commission of Quebec Soft Medicine Practitioners (CPMDQ), I issue receipts that are accepted by most insurance companies under the title of:




Sports Therapist


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